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Raflesia Arnoldi Flower - PT. Regina Bahari Indo


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Raflesia Arnoldi Flower - Regina Bahari Indo Adventure

Raflesia Arnoldi is the Big Flower who grown in the jungle, they are not grown every where, only specific area they can grow, 10 days maximum we can see this flower bloom, use smell for catch the bugs around them, We can find at Palupuh who always they grow is close to Bukittinggi 20 Minutes.

How To Get There

From Airport it takes 3 hrs to go to Palupuh district, we passed Bukittinggi Town, from Palupuh we should trekking is about half hours in the jungle to see the flower.


Vehicle included Driver and Fuel
AC Car/Van : IDR 500.000,- / day / car 7 seater
AC Bus : IDR 900.000,- / day / bus 25/27 seater
Local Raflesia Guide : IDR 100.000,/ Person
Local Restaurant : IDR 30.000,- / Person / Lunch / Dinner

Bloom Schedule

Almost every month have Raflesia Bloom in Palupuh area, everytime bloom will not in the same place, always change the habitate please give us the schedule if you like to see this flower.

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Raflesia Arnoldi Flower - Regina Bahari Indo Adventure

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